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Sunday, January 27, 2008

PSHS 2nd Screening Passers

Secretary Estrella F. Alabastro of the Department of Science and Technology announces the successful qualifiers to the Philippine Science High School System Search for Scholars for 2008. A total of 884 examinees of the 16,075 applicants successfully hurdled the rigid two-step screening administered on October 13, 2007 and December 15, 2007, respectively. The PSHS System has nine (9) campuses all over the country. The qualifiers will be notified directly by their respective campuses or they may get in touch with the Director of the PSHS Campus where they qualified.

Qualifiers should confirm with the PSHS campus where they qualified if they are accepting the scholarship or not, on or before February 29, 2008.

You can search for the NAMES of the passers on this LINK.

Or you can use Conrad Miguel's search engine HERE. (I recommend this!)


Mikko said...


I am the maker of the search engine. Ako si Conrad Miguel alyas Mikko. Hehehe. Thanks for the link love.